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While marketing budgets shrink, a large portion of marketing dollars are shifting to digital media. When times are rough, you require the ability to measure, prove ROI, and need to focus on the most efficient means to reach customers. Email Marketing, always, allows you a cost effective way to stay close to customers and prospects by leveraging customer data and analytics to achieve greater value.

Stay in touch with your clients and maintain your credibility. With many companies crashing and burning around us, consumers want to know who's still in business. Your email marketing message can let them know you are ready to do business.

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We will all be faced with marketing and advertising budgetary challenges. In email marketing, one could invest money to make improvements in delivery technology, creative design, and segmentation strategy. Deciding how to invest so you get the most value from your spending will be the most critical decision you make.

Conduct Competitive Research

You can conduct competitive research just by looking in your inbox. Sign up for your
competitor's emails and you always have your finger on the pulse of the market. If they come out with a $100 off email offer in the morning, you could beat it with a $150 discount in the afternoon.

Email marketing cuts other costs. One of the most underutilized aspects of email is to reduce costs from other sides of the house. In 2017, email's effectiveness will depend greatly on your ability to create a bond with your prospects.

  Do not waste the power of this amazing channel. If you aren't testing, analyzing, and leveraging your customer data in your email marketing efforts today, stop what you're doing. Drop everything, and start today while you still can. If you can't collect and analyze the data on your own, hire an expert who can. The success of your marketing campaigns, your company's acquisition and retention efforts depend on it.

You can defend your email marketing efforts to upper management much more easily than other media. A October report by the Direct Marketing Association revealed that email's ROI was $40.56 for every $1 spent, as opposed to a non email Internet marketing ROI of $19.94. Email provided more than double the effectiveness of other online marketing.


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