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Emails are a great marketing tool. Superesponder is a program that allows you to automatically send your sales message through email. Our system will give your prospects email messages about your products or services. After your prospects request information you can have them receiving sequential email messages automatically for as long as is beneficial to you. This follow up process is when you will increase your sales and profits with our email services.

One of the greatest benefits about our service is that it requires very little attention. Once your emails are created, your marketing is on an automatically proven path. The system will allow you to easily and automatically follow up with prospects as long as needed. Receive more sales consistently, efficiently and automatically. We provide you the ability to create Unlimited Emails and our continuously updated services give you the superior benefits you need.

Support includes email formats of Text, HTML, AOL, Multi-Part MIME, and the ability to send rich media messages. Also included the option to create custom web surveys with your own personal customized fields. Other options include adjusting contact frequency, message formats and of course our automated bounce handling and real-time unsubscribe processing for compliance with the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003.

Customers want it and depend on email communications. What other channel can you have a personalized one-to-one communication platform that is not cost prohibitive to utilize on a frequent basis.

By utilizing the Superesponder Email Services you can use almost any data stored in your online database and have the ability to import external data to personalize the content of email messages, including the subject line and the email message body allowing for personalized email communications including time sensitive alerts.

Email gives you the data you need to determine success.
Most marketers can gauge the success of their campaigns
within 24 hours and make adjustments as needed. It is not a wait-and-see type of measurement approach that other marketing platforms have to deal with.

Email is a branding tool. While some views may vary, email
provides ongoing impressions and can impact brand awareness and reputation.

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