Anti-Spam Policy

Superesponder Anti-Spam Policy

Superesponder has a no tolerance spam policy. We actively monitor lists and emails going to a large number of subscribers. Any customer found to be using Superesponder for spam will be immediately cut-off from use of the product.

We require that all e-mails promoting or are sent only to clients who have agreed to receive such messages. We prohibit any advertising of our brand and Website using unsolicited email messages. Not complying with this policy will cause partnership termination and/or affiliate account termination.

If you feel you’ve been sent unsolicited emails promoting our brand or website and would like to register a complaint, please email our abuse department at We will immediately investigate all allegations made related to unsolicited messages.

All emails from Superesponder contain a mandatory unsubscribe link. If this link is removed we will terminate the user.

Spam is unsolicited email also known as UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email). By sending email to only to those who have requested to receive it, you are following accepted permission-based email guidelines.


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