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Email Marketing Facts

In the USA, Email’s ROI in 2012 was $40.56 (US) for every dollar spent. Even though it has dropped last year, and is projected to drop in 2013, Email ROI is still by far the best ROI you can find.

Email marketing is one of the least expensive marketing channels, and according to the DMA, a very high performer. Today, most email marketers are paying under a penny per email, but email marketing only claims a small fraction of the average marketing budget. Even though email marketing has become widespread, email marketers, on a wide scale, are still not leveraging the true potential such as advanced personalization, delivery monitoring and management, and integration with third-party systems.

When it comes to low-cost, high-reward marketing channels,
email has no rival. In fact, your goal should be to drive as much of your customer communications to email as possible, no matter what state the economy is in. Email gives you the ability to monitor customer interactions in real time and respond quickly to a need or customer concern. It is the ideal device for driving online revenue, managing loyalty programs, administering fast customer service, and more.

Remember, email is a permission-based medium. Marketers who “batch and blast” their customers with generic buy-it-now messages will certainly get results, but it is the marketers who send the smartest and most relevant email that will reap the greatest reward.


In today’s less than ideal market conditions, paying large amounts of $$$ on unproven marketing campaigns is extremely risky. Since email marketing is both affordable and a proven way to develop
relationships with customers, it is definitely the way to go.

Email Marketing Benefits

Email marketing can positively reinforce your brand and even allow you to test new creative marketing strategies. Further, email marketing is especially helpful because it is easy to measure. For instance, you can determine the open rate of emails, the number of click-throughs, and the number of sales and so on within hours of implementing a specific email campaign.

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