The Partisans captured rich war booty after the liberation of Prozor and Jablanica. The Italians suffered heavy losses in this battle. The Chetniks completely collapsed and never recovered after this defeat. Tito’s new plan was to push the Germans back from Prozor to gain some space and breathing room, and then to cross the Neretva at Jablanica as fast as possible. The Battle on the River Neretva 7. In front of them stood six out of ten brigades of the Partisan 1st Bosnian Corps.

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Ljubisa Samardzic as Novak.

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Knowing that Yougoslavia recently went through all this again makes it even more tragic. Under the cover of darkness, one group of 12 men from the 2nd Company of the 3rd Battalion of the 2nd Dalmatian crossed the skeleton of the railway battle of neretva and began climbing up the steep eastern bank.

Other Partisan formations, the 1st Croatian and battle of neretva Bosnian Corps, managed to evade Axis blows and, despite significant losses, reclaim most of the territory they had held before the beginning of the operation.

Neeretva villages and a fortress were constructed for the film, and subsequently destroyed. Few months after German Wehrmacht forced The Chetniks occupying the bunker above the bridge sensed something was afoot and began firing blindly, killing two soldiers. The attack coincided with the arrival of the German reinforcements from Sarajevo.

I suggest to watch it if you like war epics! The hospital was created in order to provide protection to the wounded, since they were routinely targeted for execution by the Axis. But the actual historical events are not in play, and the story is entirely fictional.


In the final stage, three divisions were supposed to destroy the encircled Partisans, and to deport the population to prevent the possibility of the revival of guerrilla activity in the area. The fact that Konjic controlled the only road leading to Eastern Herzegovina the battle of neretva of battle of neretva eastern bank of Neretva to the south of the town being dominated by the virtually unpassable Prenj mountainmade it the prime objective of the Partisan army.

But, immediately before the main Partisan attack, a two and a half battalion strong vanguard of the Battle Group Annacker entered the town.

The Battle on the River Neretva () – IMDb

Facing such odds, the division had to retreat towards Jablanica, where it became a part of the Main Operational Group. The reoccupation of Jablanica turned out to be easier than previously thought.

There was constant pressure battle of neretva the north on Prozor the Central Hospital was thereand increasing pressure from the Italians and Chetniks from south and southeast. According od this new direction, he ordered the Pioneer Company to destroy all the bridges across the Neretva, which was done between 1 and 4 March. During the Gornji Vakuf counterattack preparations, the brigade was left on the Neretva as a rearguard.

In spite of this, German command largely proceeded with the original plan.

Battle of the Neretva

German infantry and some partisans carry Model 24 Stielhandgranates. The renewal of attacks on Konjic was not envisaged.


As a result, the 3rd Division saw no alternative but to cancel the attack by the morning of the 23rd. More Top Movies Trailers Forums.

The 1st Battalion of the th Regiment of the Murga Division intervened from Mostar, but this battalion has been almost completely annihilated during the fight with parts of the 2nd Proletarian Division. While the Germans used the M4 Under the designation Panzerkampfwagen M ait was nerretva to see a captured M4 in action.

Case White

Idi mi, dodji mi The following weapons were used in the film The Battle of Neretva: The counterattack pf not a minute too soon. Date 20 January — March Thousands of refugees left Banija together with the Partisan units, suffering from air attacks, hunger, frost and disease along the way.

Audible Download Audio Books. Btatle Partisan defense line, which had withstood most of the German attacks to that point, was finally compromised by the advance battle of neretva the 7th SS Division.

Soon they join the resistance movement and their activities bring their names to Gestapo’s It is based on the true events of World War II. The Division launched its attack on 20 January with the th Regiment and elements of the nd Tank Bathle.