I loved Gabe’s interactions with the Dantes onc Good book. Sayangnya saya merasakan inkonsistensi karakter, semula si hero dibuat terkesan brengsek lalu berangsur jadi baik setelah melalui perkembangan karakter. And now he’ll have to do the one thing he’s sworn never to do-go to his Dante relatives to find out the truth about this powerful passion But Kat never does anything to disabuse him of his false beliefs, and I just can’t believe that any woman in her position would keep quiet about it all. Kat has been paying for her actions for five years.

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Liked the book over all but didn’t really care for Gabe’s attitude towards Kat. Dante okumak herzaman zevkli. But when one touch leads to another—and a kiss leads to more—Gabe realizes leclairf in over his head. They are a must buy books; this is no different. Each and every story makes you want more!!

Feb 24, Peyton Reeser rated it really liked it. Open Preview See a Problem? And a very nice ending Oct 07, Trudy Miner rated it really liked it. Mar 24, Lisa rated it liked it Shelves: Jan 06, Cari rated it really liked it Shelves: But Gabe still feels fiercely loyal to his late wife and believes that Kat is evil personified.

Or maybe she’s just a trouble magnet. Read them and enjoy! Or when she becoming dante day leclaire the first kindergartner in the school’s history to get suspended, after starting a glue war to the tune of one carpet, ten emergency haircuts, fifteen shirts, three pants, and two pairs of sneakers. With the family secrets swirling, this is a touching story as they come out. And Daante have to say that I felt kind of let down danhe said big reveal. It comes out she is innocent but she is not willing to talk about the past because that would mean the hero would have look more closely into his late wife.


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He believed his deceased wife’s lies about Kat and even after finding out that she didn’t sleep with Jessa’s former fiancee, he still treated her horribly yet didn’t mind sleeping with her so the inferno would hopefully burn out and then it was all ok in the end because he said sorry and that he loved her and some how excused beacause the Dante family supposedly rejected him and his twin sister which was also another lie because they didn’t know about their existence.

Gabe is the becoming dante day leclaire son of a Dante, but wants nothing to do with them after being ignored his whole life. Tapi saya merasa penulis kurang luwes saja, jadi kesannya malah ujug2 kok jadi cemen gini sih.

I have followed this Dante family through all of the novels.

Becoming Dante

Not sure also how I felt about the way it ended as well given it was the last Dante novel. The insurance adjuster was. Likewise, I didn’t see any reason why, once Gabe lrclaire out that Kat had never slept with the senator, Kat refused to just tell him the rest of the story.


Her brother still has nightmares. I haven’t read any of the other books in this series, but I liked the idea of the inferno causing soul mates to leclarie each other at the first touch. Another beautifully written RITA contender. Gabe went on to marry Jessa, who then suffered an untimely death by car accident three years later.

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Her parents were not amused. With family secrets swirling and The Inferno causing an itch Gabe Moretti is the illegitimate son of the late Dominic Dante. Kat was called a whore both by the press and by Gabe and even Kat’s beloved grandmother disowned her. Apr 16, Dancer rated it really becoming dante day leclaire it. It was all just plot contrivance to set Gabe up for the shocking moment of discovery halfway through the book, so the author could maximize his feelings of guilt.

The Dante Legacy 9. And towards the end there’s a scene where Gabe’s faith in Kat is tested and he goes through this internal argument about whether to trust her or go back to his old, “it’s me against the world” attitude.