If you’re doing something simple like logging the specific instant some event happened – a message was posted, an item was deleted then it seems date4j may not work for the reason you stated. In fact, after reading both the entire main site and the documentation in the javadoc, I pretty much agree with everything stated. By the time Calendar came along, the damage was done. YEAR, ; c. One problem is some databases attempt to manage timezones for you I’m looking at you, Postgres!

date4j source

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The mental model that date4j uses seems to get rid of all the confusion.

DATE4J – Simple Alternative To

People try to manage timezones at both the application and database level not to mention ORM frameworks add another layer of abstraction which complicates things further. Use joda-time instead of java.

There’s not even a mailing list, as far as I know, there isn’t anything at all. But by not having preference profiles and internally supporting the complexities, either the code or outcome suffers. Sign up using Facebook. Surely, there may be some applications which sougce something like joda or threeten – but I believe those to be in the minority.


So there is ambiguity about daylight saving. This represents an “instant” in time regardless of timezone. There’s some very good recommendations on the site for using the library these things Datej was already doing in my own app previously such as:. Furthermore, Calendar itself didn’t do itself any favors by being mutable.

date4j source

I’m asking, conceptually, what’s wrong with the idea of date4j for the majority of the applications out there? MONTH, 0 ; c. Calendar or jsr ? Dilum Ranatunga Dilum Ranatunga By the time Calendar came along, the damage was done. Things like leapseconds in particular are uninteresting to most people, even when calculating time intervals.

For example, explicitly forcing uses skurce provide a timezone when calling now. Email Required, but never shown. Fate4j in another 4 years I will be able to use the new classes natively in my Grails project without rolling my own usertype mapping or using a third party mapping lib Sign up using Email and Password.

At the same time we can’t expect everyone to be experts on the topics. Now, there may be several reasons why I shouldn’t use date4j – bugs, performance, lack of users, etc. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information. For me, the problem 1 with date4j is bugs. Datte4j the following is ambiguous.


date4j source

So the following is ambiguous new DateTime ” So APIs need to be prescriptive in nature — unintrusively force users souece follow patterns that address issues underneath. Calendar, for instance, and you are manipulating a time in some user defined timezone: I believe your answer is correct but will wait for others to post.

Clearly, in that day, saying 1: Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

Download hirondelle-date4j JAR 1.5.1 with all dependencies

In fact, the last three bullet points illustrate the problems with the current mental model people have when working with dates. Why shouldn’t I use date4j instead of joda java.

It does not maintain Timezone internally.