Since these deviations have very clear effects on the calculation, DIALux has now been fully adapted to the Danish norm. This leads to comparable values not only for LED luminaires but also for luminaires with conventional lamps. This means that whenever there is a change in the lighting classification, the default values are activated automatically. This bug is now solved. Changes in technology on the part of Microsoft have now made changes necessary in DIALux which no longer enable support of Windows This information can now be exported as a separate individual layer.

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The IEQ-7 section deals with luminance intensity. Simply allocate 4.11 most suitable material property to each object used. It has been possible to correct this malfunction.

The presentation of transparency and specular reflection was previously only possible in the raytracer procedure with the Dialux 4.11 supplied with DIALux. Via the context menu objects can be concealed.

The standard value for the distance between the pole and the traffic lane dialux 4.11 street lighting has been changed from 0. Of importance here is that it is possible to rotate the light distribution curve without distorting the geometry of the luminaire. So the planner can start again where he left off without having to re-enter all dualux parameters.


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DIALux has been fully adapted to the requirements for handling absolute photometry. The setup had to be adjusted because of the operating systems supported by DIALux. Previously it was not possible to calculate transparency. DIALux provides dialux 4.11 new object for the new transparency calculation option. This bug is now solved.

This very comprehensive tool makes it possible to make all kinds of adjustments to the positioning.

DIALux Download – DIAL

Many users were unhappy with this, because for their documentation they also required cialux luminous flux of the lamp. The speed and dialux 4.11 accurateness have been increased once again.

Now the new material properties such as transparency and specular reflection can be taken into account for films.

When editing floor elements there was a possibility of the programme crashing if dialuz points lay directly above one another. Energy efficiency is now an important topic all over world.

The new Ray Trace Preview is responsible for the visualization see above. This information can now be exported as a separate individual layer. However, there is more storage space for generating larger projects. Many experienced light planners who are familiar with the illumination of sports complexes wanted to have this function in chart form and not just as a graphic display.

This means that the output of a geometry description with grid information and all the values of dialux 4.11 table e. This problem has now been remedied.


Geometry plans in the street plan editor can be duplicated. Further bug fixes in various translations. This feature makes switching to the printouts during optimization needless. One of the main modifications in the latest version enables documentation of these dialux 4.11 in DIALux. Furthermore the decimal places for illuminance classes are adapted.

Nevertheless DIALux versions up to and including the 4. In Denmark street lighting is calculated rather differently from in the rest of Europe Vejregleme for vejbelysning. For the illumination dialux 4.11 roads the US standards differ enormously from the standards in Europe and many parts of Asia.

This function enables a clearer overview when working on complex projects. This means that whenever there is a change in the lighting classification, the default values are activated automatically. The results of the energy optimization for the illumination system according DIN V respectively EN will be shown dialux 4.11 the property pages in real-time yet. The lighting designer planner can now select suitable lamps for the luminaire which has been chosen.