DotA is a form of RPG with heroes divided into 3 factions. Is it possible for you to debug an item? Version Warcraft – DotA Allstars 6. Get Updates via Email! Hopefully this map will be a stable version, you can download this map and play it. Fixed when typing -csx x is an ai number to show AI creep stats, it showed K:

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A faction called the Sentinel as heroes human form, Neutral is the hero of natural form, and the dota map 6.67b ai Scrouge demonic hero. Changed the way AI choose its lanes at the beginning if there’s no lane restriction. If u send your allies too. Fixed an old bug with command: To issue IceFrog To judge. Rest assured, CCleaner can help you delete cookies an option without having to manually remove the browser to another.

Fixed when typing -csx x is an ai number to show AI creep stats, it showed K: Hopefully this map will be a stable version, you can download this map and play it.

Please take a look at Alchemist, Alchemist doesn’t know how to use his skill – unstable concuction. Better -airepick that hero Melle and vice versa Don’t come to me crying because I have played DotA even before you pissed your pants off. This is the 4th release of the Dota 6. Enter “-bastion” command in game after 15 seconds to spawn this beast hero. Treant Protector now uses Sentinels to stun the enemies. Also wards and gems are now free for AI.


DotA is a custom map of the most popular and most played in the history of the series Warcraft. Dota map 6.67b ai will use Darkness during the night that way he prolongs it much further. Hello Can you share this map in other file host For example,Rapidshare or 4shared or megaupload? In my country hotfile is filter Thanks. Shortly dota map 6.67b ai version 6.

Download Warcraft III – DotA Allstars b AI Map – A map for Warcraft 3 for windows

It’s quite hurt when stand next to the tower without making any blast. Thanks to GetTriggerUnit- Some heroes may have that problem too. Treant Protector is now able to use Living Armor dota map 6.67b ai towers, if he wants ofc cipd 3. Suddenly, a cousin passed away, leaving you with a small TV station, about to bust.

November 17, So how to fix this situation? If the fans of the series Warcraft, you grab them for free Warcraft 3 DotA Allstars now and enjoy this legendary game.


Dota-Allstars v6.67b AI+ Rev2d Map Download

DotA is a form of RPG 6.67 heroes divided into 3 factions. Changed item numerous item builds. There is a bug with Leshrac’s Diabolect Edict, since it doesn’t strike enemy tower at all. Game Stop Home Edition, vendors Although online games have hid hour limit feature, you can still control your child with Stop Game Home Edition software.

After a long time using the cache, history of the Adobe Flash Player will increase significantly, making your browsing experience ‘slow’ a lot. When distress call AI will look for third tower and raxes to TP Fixed Diabolic Edict considering invulnerable buildings as valid targets and wasting dota map 6.67b ai hits