You are truly amazing and they sound so great! In total there are 11 users online:: I am using LMMS 1. I moved my project over to Linux KXStudio Ask about it here. I also have 1. If any, could you link to one of the free sf that you have this problem with?

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MMS setting which could affect or fix! I’ve been using the free samples for years, so today I ordered and downloaded the Kontakt pack.

HQ Instruments – DSK Music : DSK Music

Some sound a little funny eg Synth Dks but others sound great. The support is outstanding. I too am impressed!! Can’t believe how much you offer for free and for this low price as well.

DSK HQ Instruments problems – LMMS • Forums

The soundfonts are realistic, well-tuned and perfect for use in any music application, leaving me satisfied with my purchase. This is worth every penny. Having trouble with LMMS? A place to talk insturments all those cool vsti and directx plugins and fx.


Free VST instruments and more

You are truly amazing and they sound so great! We now have over instruments classified in these categories:. Wow I had never sounded so good in my life.

Anyway the remaining gets lots in my mixes, so I have no problems. On Linux, the soundfonts do not have the same problem: Baidu [Spider] and 10 guests. I really recommend this. I am using LMMS 1. I really recommend this.

DSK Music updates HQ Instruments

You can get all the formats you want with a dsk hq instruments donation, just contact us after make the payment. January 1, at 4: Audio demos — Orchestral: This is worth instrumebts penny. After making a small donation, you will have access to a huge collection of high quality instruments.

Sun 3rd May December 30, at 8: Full list of instruments included pdf.

Thank you DSK Music. D Guess I’ll have to check out the HQ ones: Can’t believe how much you offer for free and for this low price as well.


Click here to cancel reply. Fri dsk hq instruments May After EQ you will only be able to hear it if you try hard enough, but now it will sound more like an accustic piano key stroke, which makes me wonder if thats what it was all along. No Comments Click here to intsruments reply. So if your on the fence about it… Go get it now!