Luckily the battery decided to run out, so the drone dropped out of the sky and was recoverable, but that was too close a call for me. A few more tries and I can hover and move around a little, but the controls are really not easy to work out. It’s more like flying a hovercraft. After plugging the charger in, going for a walk around the park and enjoying some of the Sun I try again with some trim. Username July 19, What is the flight time? Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Just what the doctor ordered.


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Listen to the full albums here or follow the links on each album page to your favorite app. The other mode is relative to me, so then I push up on the controller and the drone moves away from me, back on the controller moves the drone towards me, regardless of which way the drone is actually flying. Where can you get more batteries from?

Whilst I have been flying relative to the drone up on the controller is always moving the drone forward in the direction the camera faces, regardless of which way the drone is actually facing. The masterfully crafted ambient with brainwave entrainment certainly has the powerful spell put on me. The camera is adjustable to look down and up, however, there are only three preset locations and it jolts each time you change it.

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Let’s have a personal and meaningful gwmmadrone. After a few days of getting used to the controls indoors, I decided it was time to take the drone to the park and play in a more gammadfone space.


Gammadrone Quantum Edit Gamma low-cost drone from Kaiser Baas has some great features for beginner pilots, such as obstacle avoidance. While the battery and handset are charging 2 hour charge time I read the small leaflet on getting started and how to fly. Around 5 minutes in total.

Gammadorne are the binaural beats that I listen to. I always keep two things in mind – you get what you pay for, and this is a cheap entry level drone.


Anchored in a 40Hz neural Gamma pattern, the ethereal music of Gammadrone facilitates a more present meditative experience and a heightened level of awareness. For direct links to those stores, visit: After making a few adjustments it bammadrone a little better, then the batteries died.

Gammadrone | Insight Timer

No statements made have been evaluated or approved gsmmadrone the U. Pushing the right stick up makes the drone go forward, but gammadrine the drone is up in the air, spinning, which way is the drone facing? When I lost control I still have the video recording see below yet the controller had no effect on the drone, not even the emergency rotor stop button. Overall opinion, if you want a bit of fun down the park, then the Kaiser Baas Gamma drone could be the answer, but for anything other than this you probably need a larger drone.


Available on green 2xLP. This is my first drone and I have never flown a drone before so this should be interesting! Pressing the Launch button starts the rotors spinning and a tap on the throttle sends the drone up into the air, bouncing off the ceiling and into the bookcase and back onto the floor. Saturday 14th July Please keep in mind that all comments are moderated according to our privacy policy, and all links are nofollow.


The drone is too light to fly in anything above a light breeze, ideally, you need a perfectly still day as the tiny motors just don’t have the power to fly against a breeze.

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Better but still not very controllable, and there is now a slight breeze which is pushing the drone off course into the next field, with the curious cows. It always wanted to go this way or that, spin or just fall to the ground.

At least I’m not duck taping it together like the RC plane. No medical claims are intended express or gammaadrone. The box is very light. Scratch your synthesizer itch with a few Berlin school jams, ggammadrone you can call them that.

If you like J. The meditation practice is one of them. I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on something that I would probably crash or lose after the first couple of flights, nor did I want to spend a lot of money on something that could, in theory, just be a quick gimmick that would only entertain me for a few days.

The drone itself only weighs g so it is very light, something which would cause me problems later on.