My cousin is a Singaporean LoL professional players, this hurts him a lot. Garena even had a micro transaction back then that is called the Gold membership. While Colosseum, a juggernaut and veteran in Cybercafe business in Singapore offered full range of games. Garena also removed the Tribunal system, leaving work to GMs again. And yet they destroyed it. The game is very good, and even beats Diablo 3.

garena rgc

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Players either connect garema Battle. This was taken in TI4 Pubstomp, Colosseum is a known juggernaut in community involvement However, it announced closure this year.

garena rgc

Back then I was a complete noob and occasionally pros would join our room and stomped us completely, like KingSurf Chuan who was in Malaysia back then. That is completely unfair and it should not happen to Esports. It has microtransaction and the game wasn’t as pay to win as it is now.

To make matters worse, they have the right to revoke competitive account or ban the account if a pro player or streamer talks bad to the world about them. However, it announced closure this year. While Colosseum, a juggernaut and veteran in Cybercafe business in Singapore offered full range of games. But Garena started its descend to the path of evil. I’m sure many gamers are delighted as they thought there is some kind of land mark of Esports.


The problem is, this time, the GMs literally sucks. The reason is simple, no general public cares about Esports, not to mention the tournament booths are empty most of the time.

Let me start off this long post with this warning, this is a super long and little pic post and many emotions expressed here are extremely negative and based on real life experience.

I would be forced to quit Dota for a few years. Recent ban hammer on cheaters has cleared many of its players.


They don’t do their job, in fact, they even paid players to boost their account. Garena then never bothered to pull its players back again. They screw you money by allowing it to close down! Path of Exile Controversy I played PoE in during its beta and the devs are extremely good in polishing the game. Are you content to continue to spend your money after they screw up like that?

Garena, the company that deserve more hate than Ubisoft – Gaming – Level1Techs Forums

All we have to do is to manual type in “Singapore” and voila, Garena free kids free game. The microtransaction are extremely ethical, you can only buy skins and not buffs or whatsoever.

They added more skins with advantage too later on. Garena built this for Esports event for LoL and Blackshot the latter rggc misearably and act as a Cybercafe for Garena games. It is as good as dead now though kids still try the game now regardless. Inside is really empty too. Very glad we made that choice, it didn’t take long for many of us to realize how foolish we were in supporting Garena.


garena rgc

Garena back then was just a lobby client that allow players to play Dota with each other, other than Dota, it also allow Brood Wars. The faster it dies, the better for all gamers. Kids got interested in LoL and never heard of Dota again due to LoL’s superior graphics and simpler mechanics.

I’m trying so hard to tell kids not to accept the candy of Garena, but they are too ignorant. Since LoL have so many micro-transaction, it allows Garena to generate a lot of revenue. And yet they destroyed it.

He cannot put down what he had put in effort.

garena rgc

Garena had many rooms allocated to different region and the host of the game would have to tunnel the connection for the players.