For a tabla-playing app, see iTablaPro. I play a sev.. About The Tabla and Lehra Accompaniment. Crash on iOS 3. Start playing the music and switch to another app iOS4 only , or play along with iPod music. Please update your device to at least iOS 4 or later.

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Make any changes you need ilehra the main tab, click on the action button iilehra the top right and choose Ilehra Preset. You can also share presets among devices this way. Turn ON to allow mixing with other audio apps or iPod, turn OFF to enable remote control via ilehra area or wired headset: I’m also an owner and a fan or Itablapro. To ilehea the whole list of presets or simply back them up choose Email All Presets from the action menu.

With it, ilshra don’t need anymore your electronic tabla or tanpura. I travel ilehra good deal and take tabla to keep up Riaz and this is the ulitimate solutions. C in the center, the octave on the upper right, and the current fine-tune relative value on the upper left.


Announcing iTanpura & iLehra –

In fact I gave a tabla solo concert and the lehera player couldn’t make ilehra so I used the app at the last second and introduced it to the plus audience as Ilehra my accompanist. Minor iOS 8 compatibility fixes. Recommend iPad 3 or later for compatibility with upcoming versions. All updates are always free! Easy to plug in to speakers or PA mixer.

Apr 12, Version 9. Ilehta best effect, use a high-quality speaker dock with an internal rechargeable battery or any other good pair of ilehra speakers. Feedback, questions or need support? It has two pieces – the left part or the ” ilehra ” provides the heavy bass while the right part or the ” daya ” provides the main percussion sound.

TaalMala Ilehra Patait See also: Every click changes the tempo by 1 cent or 1 bpm. Crash on iOS 3. Prasad and those reading reviews.

Turning this on automatically starts and stops the tanpura along with the lehra. Ilehra Background Play is set to Off, locking the screen does not stop sound any more though exiting the app still does.


Experience virtuoso, realistic tabla playing, and let the fantastic Tanpura sound inspire you to greater heights in your own musical journey! Use TaalMala for your daily riyaaz or live concerts. See ilehra iLehra ilehra for a YouTube demo: Disabled screensaver when on tuner screen. Introducing ilehrw world’s first real lehra.

The world’s most awaited lehra app, Lehra Studio’s highly anticipated Ultimate Edition.

iLehra – Lehra Nagma Player

Do you want to improve your pitch recognition? Ilehra on the screen again to brighten it. Tune your guitar, bass or other instruments with n-Track Tuner.

When playing in the background, app badge now shows the lehra tempo if playing, else shows 1 if ilehra is playing. Top 10 Apps like Lehra Studio Pro. Its a handy tool for every singer, compose.