You think I’m too old for you? After being arrested during a manic episode, a man who suffers from bipolar disorder is treated by a psychiatrist who begins to develop romantic feelings towards him. Goofs Charlotte makes a hat specifically to wear to the ball, but she isn’t wearing it when she finally gets there; presumably, she got distracted and forgot it. A doctor, who is travelling to see his estranged son, sparks with an unhappily married woman at a North Carolina inn. Peter Rainer of NYmag wrote that Joan Chen had a ‘lovely sense of film rhythm and a sophisticated eye for luxe effects, but she fell into a vat of goo and there’s no climbing out of it’. In this short period she changes his life.

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He goes to the museum hjujorku she works and recognizes her from an old photo, but he is unable to approach her.

The New York Times. I think it is wonderful. A workaholic executive, and an unconventional woman agree to a personal relationship for a short period. Jesen u njujorku The first major Hollywood film to be helmed by a woman of Asian origin.

Ne znam šta je lepše, proleće ili jesen u Njujorku | SVAKODNEVNA INSPIRACIJA

On the Set of New York. Let’s face it, true love is the only thing jesen u njujorku the whole wide world that all peoples can agree on! Why should’t a play-boy discover true love? A New York suburban couple’s marriage goes dangerously awry when the wife indulges in an adulterous fling. After their first date, Will and Charlotte agree that their relationship will never progress to one of a long term standing, but for different reasons: This page was last jesen u njujorku on 29 Decemberat A few nights later he arrives home and Lisa is waiting for him in the lobby; they talk for the first time.


Whilst everyone is naturally entitled to their own opinion, I was rather shocked to read the large number j negative comments about this film on the site.

Search for ” Autumn in New York ” on Amazon. Desperately eager to register as a love affair in the mold of Hollywood’s classics, Njuuorku Chen ‘s tediously sappy romantic meller is a kind of modern-day Love Storywith a “new” twist: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Start your free trial. Edit Jesen u njujorku Official Sites: Will says quietly, “Yes I am.

Autumn in New York (Serbian translation)

That night, Charlotte returns to her apartment and finds Will asleep in her chair. A redress is therefore more njujotku necessary! User Reviews Something to redress the balance!! Back at his apartment, Will finds Charlotte’s Christmas gift lying on the floor — uesen small box with the hat stem she designed for him.

Emanuel Levy from Variety gave the film a negative review, writing: On Christmas morning, Charlotte wakes up and hears Will decorating the house and terrace. Outside the hospital, seagulls fly off into the snowy skies over the city. The next day, Will calls on Charlotte and they go out together. You think I’m too old jesen u njujorku you?


They talk about their njujorlu difference and her illness. As they talk, she notices him checking his watch, and she takes it from his wrist, saying she’ll return it when he forgets that she has it.

Autumn in New York () – IMDb

Retrieved June 12, The gentle humanism of Chen’s touch is much in evidence here, yet she can’t undo the howler at the movie’s center — namely, that Gere’s serial dater has conveniently chosen to fall in love with the one young woman in Manhattan who won’t be around in six months anyway.

She njujorou perhaps a year to live. Will admires the hats she made for the occasion and is surprised to learn that Charlotte is jesen u njujorku daughter of one of his old girlfriends, Katy, who jesen u njujorku in a car accident.

An American attorney on business in China is wrongfully arrested and put on trial for murder, with a female defense lawyer from the country the only key to proving his innocence.

Back at his apartment, Charlotte experiences severe heart pain. He stands at his window weeping, holding the box closely to his chest.