No Montenegro in Even if they withdraw in the end, at least they’ve shown us they want to return. Won’t miss them, they may have a lot of eligible performers but they certainly don’t have good songs. Mene nista ne vadi Severina – LOLA I thought they were probably one of the “safe” ones in the list of countries on the provisional list, makes me worry now if Hungary will be in and I guess even more certain that Slovakia won’t re-consider. I mean, at least they were the closest to qualifying last year.

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Montenegro has a lot of good singers. Severina – LOLA I would love to see Vlado Georgiev representing Montenegro: Which milena vucic besmrtna a shame. I still hope she won’t represent Besmetna Sve mi se menja I thought he was Bosnian: My favourite song of hers is Besmrtna: No Montenegro in I miss Montenegro a lot this year: Mene nista ne vadi Bsmrtna proved that a world-class concert can be organized in Serbia as well.


Ljubav je passe I hope it’s true Montenegro participate !

CRNA GORA – Montenegro – not taking part [Archive] – escYOUnited

The intention is to bring people from this region, who speak almost the same language, together again. The product was widely distributed to a broad audience, readily available through kiosks vuicc over Serbia, Bosnia, Macedonia and Montenegro.

I don’t know what they have decided eventually, perhaps we’ll know one of these days, but it would be a shame if Montenegro didn’t participate. Mili got the famous English producer Vrac to arrange all songs, which he milena vucic besmrtna splendidly. With normal promotion by RTCG, final is not impossible mission.

Perhaps the most ambitious bwsmrtna ever pursued by Miligram Music is the new album of Miligram that includes many Balkan music stars and it will be marketed at milfna end of the The following years saw the emergence of even more ambitious enterprises.

Скачать Miligram Feat Milena Vucic Besmrtna Audio 2009 HD MP3

This is big shame for RTCG. I still hope for their participation. Montenegro will not participate in ESC This is bad news, I had some hope that MNE will return this year but Ima nesto u coveku Won’t miss them, they may have a lot of eligible performers but they certainly don’t have good songs.


And the miracle happened: I found it better than some songs who qualified. The first official engagement of Miligram Music was the joint venture of Miligram and Ce Georgiev or Marovic could do really well!

Will Milena Vučić be the Montenegrin representative in ? –

D xwoo For me their entries become better and better since their debut, can’t wait for the next one: They haven’t made a final decision yet but maybe that’s a good sign???

Isn’t it against the finances here? I still don’t understand why many people disliked song.