Selvam indru vandhu naalai povathu Seitha sevai endrum makkal nenjil vaazhvathu VJ: VJ glimpses MSV’s vision of enchanting vistas of romantic pining and longing, and her vocal chords translate the beauty envisaged by the Master into a rare rhapsody. Krishnan was a very talented singer, with an earthy voice, completely shorn of any contrived ornamentation. Among the other lovely songs she got to sing for IR this year were “Kuyile Kavikkiuyile”, “Chinna kannan azhaikkiraan”, “Udhayam Varukindrathey”, all Kavikkuyil, and “Andhapurathil oru Maharani” and “Poovizhi vasalil” both from Deepam, are worth remembering. How Ilayaraja brought about a distinct touch to each version is an early indication of his brilliance. Paalinil maraindhulla suvayena vizhi palinginul maraindhadhu un mugham Aazhiyil maraindhulla maniyena un aasayil maraindhulladhen manam VJ: She looks upon Kavitha as her daughter, I suppose!

nano kan parthen mp3

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I have seen this song on TV long back. Like Savithri who meets nine different people all Sivaji in Navarathiri, pparthen Navarathinam, a bewigged and pencil-moustachioed MGR meets nine different heroines. Idhazho idaiyo parimaaru VJ: Sumathi, unaware of this, resigns her job, so that she can settle into a blissful marital life.

What naho caressing melody by the Master! Maadulam pazham pol kannam Kalai manmathan vazhangidum kinnam Inba then malar thooviya manjam Sugam thedum paavayin nenjam VJ: Pon medai meniyengum naadham uruvaagum VJ: For the first time, people adored a villain.


Melody Queen P. Susheela – Tamil Page

Indeed, a spellbinding start to the wonderful era of the IR-VJ collaborations. Aalamarathu kili Aalappaarthu pesum kili Vaala vayasukkili Manam velutha pachaikkili.

nano kan parthen mp3

partehn The lyrics also reflect this “Don’t Care” attitude. And how relevant it is even today! Sleep seems to be the panacea which both the lovers hanker after, but for different reasons. They get married and start their marital life with bliss.

Gangai nadhi pongi varum naattile Palar kann kalangi vaazhugindraar veettile VJ: Similarly Fadafat J what a wonderful artist she was! Pudhumai penngal arivukkakanngal Pirandha naattin sirandha selvam Endre naam vaazhom Ilamaikkadhal urimaippaadal irandum engal inathil undu endre naam paaduvom Anbu raajaangam ingey kaanuvom angu ellorum ondraai vaazhuvom. Throughout the song, she showers heartwarming compassion, that we are left with heavy hearts, long after the film ends, bemoaning the fate of the wretched Ganga.

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Thaazham poovin vaasam undhan degam kondatho kannana kanne? No clue as to the story etc.

He pities the wretched unmarried mother, Sumitra, and offers her shelter in his humble abode. Ramaswami as the co-producer, he produced and directed Makkalai Petra Maharasiand this marked the beginning of a memorable relationship between the director and the actor.

nano kan parthen mp3

Govindaramanujamheralding the birth of the Lord. Sivaji is paired with innocent Manjula, who in a fit of jealousy against Kanchana, declares that if Kanchana has studied in London, she would better her by going to Calcutta for her education! This week, we are going to discuss the songs of that she sang under the baton of K.


nano kan parthen mp3

Latha was perhaps the main heroine. Selvam indru vandhu naalai povathu SPB: Manjal araikkum pothu – Aalukkoru Aasai Singers: SJ was his prima donna, and paarthen sang her way to the National Awards in for her awesome “Senthoorappoovey” the same song fetched her the TN State Award as well.

It celebrates the equality amongst men.

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The film starred Sivaji with Gemini Ganesh, K. Indha idai thaangave kaigal irukkindrathu konji uravaada malar manjam azhaikkindrathu malarndhu kanindhu sirithu kulungum kaniyaagavo.

Or uyir thaan yaavarukkum ullathu Adhu orumurai thaan nammai vittu selvathu VJ: But some say this song is by Kovai Soundararajan.

Truly, this song stands testimony to the adage “There is great beauty in simplicity”.