Doing this requires you have an XBox controller hooked up to your computer. These errors were being trapped by a bug-reporting tool that emailed back dumps and call-stacks back to the PixelActive mothership. Posted August 17, Or if you have some standard format GIS info available, you can import it, thus getting true-to-life terrain and roads. CityScape is a tool that allows you to quickly assemble and design detailed cities and surrounding terrains.

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Thank You for the Continued Support! And if this tool can successfully reduce the design time from a few months to a few days, then it’s likely worth it. Pixelactive cityscape is protected with a USB dongle, and the installation is fairly time-consuming. We built a tool that gives artists all the freedom of design, while reducing the headache associated with digital content creation.

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Once you’ve placed some terrain, roads, and locations for buildings, CityScape will fill in the civilization for you. If you’re building a generic “Anytown USA”, you’ll probably be just fine with the “Global Paint” tool, which allows you to “paint” hills and valleys on your plane just like a cotyscape program. Pixelactive cityscape preview mode shown above is very detailed. Even the turn signals on the cars are blinking.

But we still need your support to stay online. In my case, I citysdape no problem getting my tech questions answered promptly. Our roots came from video games, so it’s no surprise that CityScape is fun to pixelacttive and very creative. This program was made with designers in mind. It’s time-consuming, but once you have the dongle pixelactive cityscape and properly married to your CityScape installation, you can forget about it until you need to move your installation to another machine.


If you have some cities you built up, we would love to see them. CityScape’s terrain tools are pixelactivee vector-based and are procedural. PixelActive have just released a new demo version, details can be found here http: While you could indeed build everything that CityScape can with a conventional pixelactive cityscape modeling tool, it’s very unlikely that you could do it as quickly and realistically as CityScape can.

Thanks for the post about PixelActive CityScape.

– Product Review – CityScape

Unfortunately, the fix was usually “reinstall the app”. For example, this gray bank-looking building was originally placed by the program parallel to the road same as its neighbor. It follows fairly easily, and the product is fairly easy to pick up. In addition to just panning around your “live” city with the mouse, cityscapw can do a drive-through or a fly-through with a helicopter or car.

In the following example, that red circle that’s draped over the right side my landscape is my paintbrush. And if you have a project where you need a city, for driving or flying, your choices are pixelactive cityscape limited and generally reduce to “hire pixelactive cityscape 3D artist for pixelactive cityscape some time”.


If I, for example, drag around the bounding polygon that contains my trees, the trees would reposition themselves to fill the dityscape. Developer Journals Member Search. Thinking I wanted things a bit different, I tilted the building out of the perpendicular, pixeelactive in violation of my fictional city’s cltyscape laws as there’s now not enough room for a sidewalk along the side.

PixelActive (CityScape)

These errors were being trapped by a bug-reporting tool that emailed back dumps and call-stacks back to the PixelActive mothership. Though not a game and pixelactive cityscape intended for fun, pixelactive cityscape incorporated everything I enjoyed about urban planning in SimCity 4, and it pixelactlve has an equivalent pixelactie a U-drive it.

That kind of thing. First off, what CityScape is and what it isn’t. Screen navigation was lightning-fast for me, without any noticeable hiccups or need to degrade down to low polys or wireframes. About Us Advertise on GameDev. We’ll work hard to keep our users happy.