RockWorks is extensively used in the following industries: Another major difference is that gridding is computationally fast while block modeling can be very slow. A subset of the RockWorks program. A companion package for generating detailed boring logs, well logs, mud logs, with almost unlimited flexibility in log layout. New in RockWorks For information about specific current version fixes: This new version also moves away from an MS Access database format to a native SQLite database format as well as the capability to utilize other database engines and Enterprise Database products.

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Once a grid has been established, the clay thicknesses at the center of each grid node are estimated. A popular and simple technique called inverse distance weighting IDW varies the rockworks 14 of surrounding points based on rockworks 14 inverse of the distance between the control point and the interpolated point.

Other Solid Model Tools: Contact Info RockWare Inc. Computer modeling in RockWorks provides a means for tailoring a mine, environmental, petroleum, etc.

RockWorks New Features

Another technique, called Kriging varies the influence of surrounding points based on a statistical analysis of their relative distance and direction. New in RockWorks Another major difference is that gridding is computationally fast while block modeling can be very slow.


In a three-dimensional array also referred to as a solid or rockworks 14 modelthe dependent variable rockworks 14 is a function of the horizontal x,y and vertical coordinates z.

Easy-to-use Grid Morph program — add dates and go directly to video animation. Shares data with RockWorks. In fact, most computer contouring uses gridding as a preliminary, behind-the-scenes, rockkworks towards producing contours. Disable rows in the Utilities datasheet based on distance from boreholes in the database.

RockWorks 14 Software Released –

Rockworks 14 Rcokworks, October rlckworks, These estimations rockworks 14 based on a weighted average of the values associated with the surrounding control points Figure 3. Retrieved from ” https: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Dimensions and coordinates can be displayed in a compact mode at the top of the RockWorks 17 window, or expanded out for editing.

Define a 3D fault ribbon with dips and dip directions at XYZ points, then use the fault ribbon as a barrier rockwodks 2D gridding and 3D solid modeling. The original data points typically consist of quantitative downhole data e. Use QuickMap for Borehole Locations: Bigger, Faster, Better with Multi-Threading: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. SQL Server continues to be supported.

These models are then filtered and combined into a final model that shows where all of the parameters models meet rockworks 14 set of user-defined criteria. The software is extensively used in the GeotechnicalEnvironmentalMiningand Petroleum industries. Microsoft ExcelLotus Licensing of the software can be standalone computer license or network licensing. A complete SQL database rockworks 14 multiple tables, indices, triggers, and views, is contained in a single disk file.


This grid defines the resolution of the subsequent model in a manner analogous to pixels picture elements within a digital image. Optionally create top and bottom grid surfaces defining the new GeoBody. RockWorks rockworks 14 numerous options for analyzing your subsurface data, and accepts many different data types, such as stratigraphy, lithology, downhole data, fracture data and hydrology and aquifer data.

RockWorks 17 has been completely rewritten to use bit memory addressing to take advantage of much more RAM than ever before. RockWorks rockworks 14 long been the standard in the petroleum, environmental, geotechnical and mining industries for subsurface data visualization because of popular tools such as maps, logs, cross sections, fence diagrams, solid models and volumetrics. Fill blank cells in the datasheet with numbers based on the values in columns on either side of the blank cell.