Sonu Nigam sang 25 songs in three hours! Nevaan Nigam is just four years old but his version of the popular song ‘Kolaveri Di’ has turned him into a singing sensation and papa Sonu Nigam is proud of the achievement. Turns out, it takes a lot of training and food to convince them. Snowy Wedding Right Out Of A Fairytale Alison and Robby knew that their wedding was going to be beautiful but they had no idea that the weather was conspiring to make it picture perfect as well. Daniels reaction says it all. You are here Home. The snow provided the perfect fairytale backdrop for such a lovely winter wedding.

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However, heed this advice: But that’s not all.

Popular singer Sonu Nigam feels National Award-winning singer Suresh Wadkar, who has been part of the music industry for over three decades, deserves a Padma award for his contribution to the field of music.

If an elephant wants your purse, it’s gonna take your purse. It was a special video because mom and aunt hadn’t seen grandma in about 23 years. Before you just throw it all away though, think about giving it to a person less fortunate.

‘Kolaveri Di’ Kid Version – Sonu Nigam’s Son Asking for ‘Milk-u’ (VIDEO)

We would in a heartbeat. So just imagine their surprise when grandma suddenly showed up in person!

Sonu Nigam sang 25 songs in three hours! Reports say people all over India are “mesmerized” by it’s beat and around the world people are re-recording their own version of their song.


Sonu Nigam’s son sings ‘milk’ version of ‘Kolaveri Di’

Mom Alicia had no idea they would react like this, but we’re glad she had the camera ready to sonu nigam son singing kolaveri di this priceless moment! Not kolaveti is it a staring contest, it’s also a surprise staring contest with the one and only Tyra Banks.

He’s been playing the saxophone for only a week, but we think he already sounds fantastic! Sonu Niigaam is a dedicated family man now but says he was a casanova once upon a time and had umpteen affairs and relationships. Take a look at little Nevaan’s version of this hit song! Bollywood’s melodious singer Sonu Nigam just gave a sweet audio delight to the passengers on a flight by giving an impromptu mid air performance.

OK, so we’ve decided — this dog is our spirit animal! Sonu Nigam says his son has inclination towards music 15 Dec Sonu Nigam’s son Nevaan turns singer 26 Mar Koaveri, can these BuzzFeed Celeb staffers beat her in a staring contest?

Apps Get the App. But thank’s to new microchip technology, they were able to locate Plumbo after he was gone for seven months. He ruled the nation for over two decades with his soulful voice and won many awards.

To balance out all of the new items coming into our homes, cleaning out the closet is a must. While eating healthy sounds like a good idea, vegetables don’t always taste so good, and running off the calories gets pretty old after awhile. Turns out, it takes a lot of training and food to convince them.


Sonu Nigam’s Son Sings Kolaveri Di | RTM – RightThisMinute

Speaking of heartwarming reunions, the dad featured in the video came to America 22 years ago in pursuit of a better life, leaving his family behind in Mexico.

Click here to see the whole video! More Love is in the Air videos. More Take the Challenge videos. Surgical Strikes At LoC: Unknown facts about Sonu Nigam 30 Jul The same goes for PandaTheFluffyCorgi. Where the hit single reeks of booze and one night stands, Alexi manages to add just a hint of innocence where you’d think it was impossible.

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Take the Challenge ‘Bird Box’ Movie Spawns Blindfold Challenge We won’t spoil this already super-talked-about movie for you if you haven’t seen it some of us here haven’t, this writer included! One version by Indian actor, Sonu Nigam has already been trumped by his four-year-old son Nevaan. Cats are always looking for the best stuff in your house to mess up.