Electronic gages are categorized as Type 2 Figure 3. While individual gage readings that are unusually high or low and cannot be repeated consistently can be discarded, there are limitations on the thickness values representing the spot measurements the average of three gage readings. They are stored in the memory chip of the instrument and are easily accessible via a look-up table. This method is used when the largest dimension of the unit is less than 10 feet. The spots are Ok, now let calculate the average of these 5 spots which will represent this square ft. Adjustment of Type 2 gages to compensate for substrate characteristics described later is typically performed using certified shims.

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Appendix 9 was added as a cautionary statement, as coating thickness data collected during a coating failure investigation are sspc pa2 typically acquired in spots or areas, but rather in failing and non-failing areas, based on observed patterns of failure, etc. Return to Coating Inspection. If there is no place to measure in a spc direction, then no measurement in that direction is necessary.

Furthermore, the increased data collection has no adverse effect on data accuracy. This standard was published in and will require updating to reflect current technology. For example, if the specification requires 3 mils dry film thickness and the coating manufacturer does not provide any additional information regarding a recommended thickness range, sspc pa2 by default the specified range is established as 2.

This is of interest because calibration errors have a marked effect on whether a coating application meets the specification requirements. Magnetic pull-off gages are categorized sspc pa2 Type 1 Figure 2.


These profile calibrations are fixed and cannot be adjusted by the user. Accreditation Click here to learn more about the agencies that recognize SSPC training and certification. These changes have not only improved the sspc pa2 user experience and repeatability of measurements, but also have necessitated changes in international standards.

The number of spot measurements along the edge will vary depending on the total length of the coated edge.

No How to Register: When any of the aforementioned devices are used in conjunction with digital data collection and downloading, the savings increase exponentially. Gage Calibration, Accuracy Verification and Adjustment.

Using SSPC PA 2 Effectively (PA 2)

This method is used when the largest dimension of the unit is less than 10 feet. Yet the requirements of SSPC-PA 2 regarding gage calibration, verification of gage accuracy and adjustment procedures, the number of measurements to obtain, and the tolerance of the measurements is complex and should be fully understood by the specification writer before invoking it in a contract. Let’s start with an example, you review the customer coating specification and see that requirements for DFT mil.

However, since Type 1 gages are non-linear, one cannot assume a linear correction value across the full range of the gage. The number sspc pa2 locations of spot measurements are based on Table A7 Figure Expect sspc pa2 get different gage reading even if they are even too close to each other.

Measuring Coating Thickness According To SSPC-PA 2 – Update 2015

The electronic gage should be calibrated by gage manufacturer, or authorized agent and certificate of calibration should be traceable to the National Institute of Standard Technology NIST. However, faster reading rates, sspc pa2 integrity, and real time data analysis are only the beginning sspc pa2 the potential savings.


December 28, at 6: Appendix 9 non-mandatory was created: They are typically regarded to be faster, more accurate and easier to use. For example, assume that the specification requires a 4 to 6 mil application of primer.

For years, some electronic sspc pa2 thickness gauges have had the ability to work in an “auto repeat” mode. Verification of Accuracy using Certified Standards. The most current version of the ASTM standard focuses on proper gage use, while SSPC-PA 2 focuses primarily on the frequency of measurements and the acceptability of the acquired measurements.

Coating thickness measurement is of growing importance in the paint and corrosion protection industry, as is conformance to regulations and standards like SSPC-PA2, a specification that describes procedures to measure the thickness of a dry film DFT. These steps are incorporated by reference in SSPC-PA 2 and are completed before obtaining coating thickness measurements to determine conformance to a specified coating thickness range.

Javascript is disabled on your sspc pa2. Correction for Base Metal Reading if acquired. SSPC-PA 2 states that a minimum of 10 locations arbitrarily spaced should be measured one reading per locationthen averaged.