I have just been looking at the TSpanel, and it showed an update within SIM2 , so I installed this and now it has vanished altogether. Device Panel minor bugs Included: Hdd temperature is not working in OE 1. Hi mfaraj57 I like to request a new feature on TSpanel, only if its technically possible. You can change the record path in the menu:

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Bouquet download Has any wddons tried to down load the latest Catseyes bouquet by using Tspanel -v4. How do I save them on USB?? This version still the coolest; Tunisiasat addons manager 3.0 things have been said about this image but we do not have time to write many readme: Managwr epg active load patch for crossepg bouquet button patch.

Downloading and installing – then: Often happens that by editing under Windows -x the attributes are lost, now will not happen again.

3.00 15 april New Skin: Cookie law compliance provided by Cookie Control v1. Also you can get all information about your system and image http: Hi citizens Do you know where is the directory with the saved rss feeds. This image can be used as a base for the Gemini plugin.


Index of /e2-addons-manager/plugins/Tunisiasat-addons-manager_1.3

Thanks fixed now Mfaraj tried it again 30 min before and it is still not working. Hi Im having problems with ‘TSPanel 5. NFSD-modul will be now loaded at startup, this fixes errors in 2. I have to always reset them everytime i put a new image on. Thanks for that Southpaw – sorry about wrong tunisiasat addons manager 3.0 only as it happened after using Ts I thought it was relevent – again apologies for mistake I don’t have any “no CA error”.

Community members can then download it from that server. DM can install the picons to the flash too, there will be a Picon folder in the root of the image, DM has enough space to store picons in flash.

Tunisiasat Addons Manager ili (original – Addons Manager by mFaraj57)

Thanks alot, I was planning to change to this on saturday then add the tspanel. Can i install addons to my hdd? If u have problems after update and the display shows “Error”, then u have to flash the SecondStage with dreamup. Can you have a look at the download of 3. Hi, Is there a way I can run a script in the background via the TSpanel? Then will i be able to install cccam?


I am happy with the image, so would like to keep it if possible.

Hi what is the advantage of using the TSpanel emu manager compared to the normal enigma2 emu manager? I have also tried to ftp the file and then manually install using the Nemesis menu option but its still not working!!

enigma2 TSpanel plugin,everything you need for your image [Sitemap] – Digital Kaos

MHW epg active load patch for crossepg bouquetbutton patch pli channel-selection patch. Same problem exists when booting from flash image and usb images. Mfaraj tried it again 30 min before and it is still not working. What do I do about plugins??

This image have to be installed in flash. We already know that the dream elite group who are against the clones will disagree on the implementation of this image. Enigma2 patched Plugins from Hi mfaraj57, I did online update to TSpanel 6.