Email Marketing Autoresponders

Why You Should Set Up Autoresponders

Autoresponders are one of the most important marketing tools for any business with an online presence. They are also a key feature of any email marketing software. In essence, an autoresponder takes an email message, or series of messages, that you have written in advance and automatically sends it when someone subscribes to receive your communication either via email or through an online form on your website or other page.

Gain A Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Setting an autoresponder on your website is like having a customer service representative working 24/7 for you, for free. It welcomes new subscribers when they sign up, follows up with potential customers, and sends them messages to guide them through a path that you’ve chosen in accordance to your goals, whether that is buying your product or executing another specific action.

With the number of websites in the world reaching 1.13 billion in 2023 (source: Forbes), an effective way to beat out your competition is to go beyond web design and SEO optimization. Since 82% of existing websites are inactive (source: Forbes), there is potential for a significant competitive advantage for any business that keeps their website actively updated.

Nurture Client Relations With Autoresponders

Content is crucial in making correspondence worth reading and keeping channels of communication and feedback open with your clients. A regular newsletter will help you tell your audience about your featured products, provide detailed information about new launches, promote your services as well as maximize the success of online or in-person events.

Autoresponders and newsletters are your best allies when showing appreciation to clients and prospects in your list. It will keep your relationship alive until they decide to make a purchase.

Thanks to automation, your digital allies will choose the right message to engage your visitors as they move along the email sequence that leads to conversion. They will perform the entire job in a timely fashion at no extra cost!