I do not know in Abaqus which constitutive law did you use for the crack. Skip to main content. Permalink Submitted by phunguyen on Fri, A computational approach to handle complex microstructure geometries, Comp. I essey several times but it does not work.

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I want to know if there is some ways to solve the problem.

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Apply Neumann boundary conditions. Permalink Submitted by Reza Talemi on Mon, The most important concept in this method is “enrichment” which means that the displacement approximation is enriched incorporated by additional problem-specific functions.

Thanks for such a wonderful topic! Hope that it was a bit of help. Does the preexisting crack and the propagating crack cut each other eventually? Skip to main content. A zero-displacement boundary is prescribed on the left.

Thanks for your interest in these codes, I am happy that we finally got communicating through regular email and that you coxe xfem matlab code codes useful.

Primary tabs View active tab Revisions. Permalink Submitted by phunguyen on Sun, Secondary menu recent posts user list about contact Main menu research education mechanician opinion software industry conference job video. Four test cases are maatlab as sketched in the figure below:. However, when applying compression loading, discontinuity occurs in elements where enrichments are defined. VisResults1D visualizes the results from the above routines. I noticed that xfem matlab code some earlier publications, the evaluation of each enrichment function is performed only at simple sample points i.


All of the previous work are about homogeneous materials. My problem is that I want to invert Kaa to perform static condensation of the enriched degrees of freedom and I cannot invert Kaa because a lot of eigenvalues of this matrix are zero.

It is only due to limited knowledge of the author. VisResults2D visualizes the results from the above routines for the test cases a to d.

Permalink Matab by phunguyen on Thu, Set integration points consider interface position within element. Dirichlet boundary conditions are applied along the hatched boundaries in the following figure. xfem matlab code

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In this context, one can cite the work of Sukumar and Prevost on Fortran implementation and the work of Bordas and Nguyen on object-oriented programming which was published matlxb on IJNME. The most commonly adopted method is to divide element into subdomains xfem matlab code two sides of the line of discontinuty. The input variable CASE defines whether the line loading or the point loading is active.


Could XFEM be used to couple fluid flow simulation, such as in hydraulic fracturing process? S of petroleum engineering.

The eXtended Finite Element Method (XFEM)

The mesh does not consider for the discontinuity. If I remember correctly there are some reseachers simulating shear band a plate in compression with XFEM. Hi, I have the same Permalink Submitted by haghighat on Sat, Problem is that, often, LSM is used over xfem matlab code uniform Cartesian grid while the finite element mesh is usualy unstructured mesh.

I do not know in Abaqus which constitutive law did you use for the crack. Create new account Request new password. Call the main functions for the test cases in 1d and 2d as described below. Of course xfem can be used for such problems.